Hamish Hammond

Our research will challenge current thinking and add tools for Farm Business management. We aim to involve Lincoln and Massey University staff, rural professionals and farmers in the development and application of the research projects.


Farm Business Management courses will be offered at Undergraduate, postgraduate and professional Development levels. Courses will be both residential and online. Our teaching will be research informed.

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The newly developed app from OneFarm


Heat Detection reference tool

Wintec dairy cow heat detection reference tool.


DairyCentsPRO-Consultant Version

Expands on DairyCents Mobile by including a number of addition metrics relating to farm consultants.


DairyCentsPro-Producer Version

Expands on DairyCents Mobile by including a number of addition metrics relating to producers.


DairyCents Mobile Calculator

Dairy income over feed cost calculator. US based.


Bayer Mastitis Calculator

Calculator for estimating costs related to Mastitis. NZ specific.


Farm Dairy Effluent Calculator

Calculator for nutrient loadings and application rates of dairy effluent.


Heat Stress

Blackberry App for the calculation of heat stress on livestock and poultry.


Beef + Lamb NZ - Meat Export Analysis

Interactive tool to analyse meat exports


Beef + Lamb NZ- Lambing Calculator

Interactive Tool to compare your lambing percentage to other farmers in New Zealand to increase your revenue.


Beef + Lamb NZ - Benchmarking Tool

Interactive Benchmarking Tool to find out key performance indicators are for farm classes in your region and see how you compare.


Beef + Lamb NZ - Sheep Calendar

Interactive tool for mob type and lambing date to populate on farm activities, then customise your calendar to plan for the season ahead.

Innovation Systems

Primary Innovation

An agricultural innovation system approach to increasing science impact


LIC Learning Centre

Online learning resource for LIC customers.